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Christopher Hargadon

(with the help of Mads Mikkelsen aka Dr. Hannibal Lecter up there):

Restoring my faith in wide gigantic neckties and the full Windsor knot (also called a double Windsor). Oh, and the checkered suit! A three-piece checkered suit and a paisley-patterned tie, at that.

More here.

Also, if you want to stare at the paisley pattern, check out the huge image here.

Waiting in line for a cab (we were too lazy to take the train home), my friend and I got to talking about certain things we found off-putting that some guys do, particularly wear. These are just a handful of them, little things that just get to you about some guys because these little things seem like…

Signs of Douchebaggery

  • Wearing sun glasses at night or in dimly lit areas (like a movie house) 
  • Collar popping
  • Collar popping of multiple shirts worn at once
  • Knee high socks with knee-length shorts (and acting like they “got swaggg”)
  • Trucker hats perched - not exactly properly worn, just perched - on a guy’s head
  • Blood circulation-inhibiting skinny jeans
  • Wearing designer clothes (usually with the brands emblazoned across the article of clothing) all at once regardless of coordination

There are more, I’m sure.

Also, the image used in not mine for reasons of the Internet. I found it here, and the post was fun - except perhaps for the ‘gay’ comments which I kinda get but they also kind of border on offensive or maybe I’m just being extra sensitive to balance out the possible meanness factor of the list or I just AM sensitive full stop but I don’t really know and I should stop rambling right about now.

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