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Filet Mignonne Call me 'Mign'. The 'g' is silent.
Content writer/SEO Specialist in training.
TV-obsessed doodling bum through discretion.
Cebu, Philippines.


362/365 Daily Dose of Happy: Papa’s Random Expressions

Parents say the strangest things. My dad, for example has a number in his repertoire including:

"Tastes like fried chicken!" - a compliment; to be applied to ANYTHING

"Mura man Cebu Plaza!" ("Like Cebu Plaza!" - a compliment; for places, venues, projects (?). He used it to describe a set of shelves he’d just painted white so yeah. Work with that.

"Mana! Tuyo na!" ("Done! It’s already dry!") - picked up from this commercial that plays in perpetua and lurks around every corner of local TV. An eye herbal medicine thing. Eye beam? Whatevs. Used anytime.

"Sa tamang timpla!" ("With the right mixture/dosage(?)!" - another TV-commercial-originating line. With matching dance moves of raising both arms up in the air, repeatedly and a grinning, almost manic expression. Again random use.

Human Behaviour Instance #1

  1. Me:Noisy. (indicating my sister's less than silent chewing; 2nd reminder)
  2. Older Sister:Fuck you.
  3. And I'm munching quietly thinking 'okay'.

Homework for Filipino class back in 2006

I may have gone overboard with the assignment. Oh and I’m missing a page. Removed the horrible writing for good reason. Premise is crap: girl dies, glitch in system, Death not sure where she goes (heaven or hell). She died trying to save a kid. Yeah.

Had the most horrible terrible nightmare! Two nightmares and a deluge of “facts”. Everyone dies, all very GoT, and no one takes care of me.

  1. Me:Friendzoned? We don't actively friendzone; we sort.
  2. For instance, your hobbies say:provider, joker, dipsh!t.

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